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January 2010

In middle of the Bolivian summer it gets so hot that it sometimes exceeds the standard point at which humans melt. The high temperatures and exaggerated humidity dictate that conventional means of quantifying the climatic conditions become inadequate. We now resort to describing the day by how many cold showers you need to make life bearable. Days like today it's about 7.

Thankfully my beloved parents-in-law have given us the means with which to have a swimming pool built in the garden and it is truly wonderful to have that constant supply of cool water readily available - really hot days become an opportunity for fun instead of something only to be endured.

It has also meant that we have been able to have the kids from different children's home round to enjoy the pool during their holidays - something which would otherwise be a significant drain on the homes' finances.

Another benefit has been being able to have everyone from church round to celebrate baptisms. On the Sunday before Christmas we had 3 people baptised and then another 5 this last Sunday (the 24th of January). Both days were really enjoyable times together as a church - worshipping and celebrating the baptisms, sharing a meal, swimming, playing football and relaxing in the shade chatting. We have our faults and lots that we still need to learn, but we see God grace at work and are very grateful.

November 2009

We have recently enjoyed and been encouraged by visits from Choong Sil and Ben and Roz Powell. Choong Sil is a Korean girl who lives in Mexico and works with one of the New Frontiers churches there. She spent a month living with us and getting involved with everything - visiting families from church with Lidia and visiting the homes and getting to know the kids there.

Ben and Roz, together with their 1 year old daughter, Chloe, are visiting us with a view to moving out here in the new year. The hope is that Ben will be able to get a job in a local international school and they as a family will be able to be a part of Fuente de Vida church.

Both lots of visitors have been a real encouragement to us as a family and as a church. God has been very gracious to us in recent weeks. Our meetings have been blessed with a new sense of God's presence accompanied by real change in the lives of a number of the members as God has laid hold of their lives and increased passion for Jesus.

As a family we have also been really blessed by being able to move into our own home again after a number of years as tenants. Over the past year we have been able to buy some land near Jasmine and Gaby's school and have a house built. God has been really good to us.

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