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Sept 2003

Ok, we’ll get the bad news over with first. About 6 weeks after having our car stolen, our house was broken into on a Sunday morning whilst we were out at church. We had our video, stereo, 2 gold rings and $400 stolen. It was quite a shock as we have very tight security compared to most houses in the UK. We have a 2.5metre wall with 15cm spikes on top surrounding our whole house and garden and gates which we keep padlocked. On the house we have bars covering all our windows (a little bit like prison!) Also the robbery took place in broad daylight, we arrived home to see the front door open! The robbers had managed to cut and pull down about 3 metres of the spikes from the outside wall, then had levered off one side of the bars on our bedroom window- leaving big holes in the wall of the house. Then having got what they wanted, they let themselves out through the front door and back over the wall. To be honest we really lost very little compared to what they could have taken and we are hoping that we will be able to claim some of the loss back on our home insurance. However as we know now that they have had a good look around the house and know what else there is worth taking, we have decided to raise the outside wall by another 50cms, for extra security.

Please pray that the insurance company will be fair in their payment to us. Also that we will find our car- we’ve been without it now for nearly 3 months, which makes some journeys very long (and painful!) on buses.

We have also decided that it would be good, soon to move house, so that we can be nearer the new girls home and nearer a school that our girls will be able to go to in the future. Please pray that we will be able to find a buyer and get a reasonable price. Since buying our house 7 years ago there has been an economic crisis that has pretty much stopped people buying property, certainly at the prices people were paying 5 years ago.


We asked you before to pray that we would find a building in town that we would be able to use for church on Sunday mornings. Well we have, so thank you! It is just a few hundred metres from the stadium where many of the street kids sleep and hang around, also very close to the old bus terminal where there is now a night shelter and close to the main central street market where many more street kids sleep, rob etc.! We have been using the building now for about 6 weeks and have had varying numbers turn up. This last week 10 people who live on the streets came (including 3 babies), which we were really pleased about. It is hard to get street kids into a routine of doing anything. Days of the week, times etc. are often a bit difficult for them to remember. Please pray that we will be a dynamic and welcoming church that brings God’s presence in a special way, so that they will actually want to come!

David will be going to Mexico in November to attend a New Frontiers International conference. The invitation came from one the leaders who came to visit us in February and encouraged us so much to start a church. David will also be able to meet personally with 2 of the leaders who came out to Bolivia, to review what has been going on since February and talk and pray about the future.

El Alfarero (The Potter)

The girl’s home has now had it’s first stage of the building completed and is now ready to be lived in! We also have a few girls who have been saying for a while that they would like to go and live there. However we are just waiting for one more worker to be able to join Sharon’s team of people to live in the home. We had been hoping to open the home this week, but now have decided that it is best to have the security of one more worker. The home looks great though and we can’t wait to have it up and running. Please pray that we will find the right person very quickly so that we don’t have to delay any longer. There is the possibility of a young lady from a local church and together we will be making a decision about her next week.

As we don’t yet have the full amount needed to build the staff’s dormitories it has been decided that the builder and his team will return to work for a while on building a second large dormitory at the boy’s home (El Camino) as there are presently 25 boys! The staff at the girls home will be moving into some of the girl’s rooms when we first open until their own rooms are built.

Big Gaby

I feel a bit bad calling her “Big” Gaby, but its the easiest way to explain her! Anyway, Gaby decided to return to the YWAM training base for 6 months to work as staff on the current Discipleship Training School. We were very happy with this decision as the leaders at the base are good at developing their staff, in their giftings, responsibility and spiritually. Her long term goal is still to work with girls coming off the streets, but at the moment she is considering trying to spend some time in England first! She is in the process of filling in some forms to work as a volunteer on a YWAM base in England. If anybody has any other ideas of anything she could do in England for 6 months to a year please let us know. The work she is most used to is housekeeping, cleaning, shopping and cooking, but we would be happy to chat (via email) about any ideas you may have and whether they are likely to work or not. She has a lovely, serving heart and is very hard working and trustworthy. Obviously her 4 year old son, Nathan needs to be taken into account in any plans she has.

This picture is one that Gaby drew to thank people for their support during her DTS.


Jasmine has just had her 3rd birthday. She loved her party and dressing up. Her favourite thing about birthdays though is the birthday cake- which is strange as she rarely eats cake! She loves singing “Happy Birthday” though and blowing out candles- time and time again. In the end, over the space of a week, she had had 6 birthday cakes! So she ended up feeling very special! Gaby also is a real party girl. The difference is though that she loves to EAT the cake! She also loves dancing and is a very sociable little girl. Her most exciting news though is that she is now walking, she is very pleased with herself for learning to walk and wanders around with a huge grin on her face.

Both girls loved having my sister Catherine to stay in August. We went for a few days holiday and had a great time staying in a lovely chalet in the mountains. Jasmine wandered around the place often singing the words “Happy holiday”. One day we went next door to a restaurant for lunch and before long Jasmine was asking if we could go back to our happy holiday- she couldn't understand taking time out from a holiday for a boring task like eating!

When David goes to Mexico in November, my Mum and Dad will be coming to stay here with us, so we have something else to look forward to!

Thank you to all of you who have given so much in prayer and financially for us personally and for the building work over the last few months. We value you all and know we are blessed to have such a great and reliable support team.

With our love,

Sarah, David, Jasmine and Gaby


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