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November 2005

In David’s last letter he talked about the political situation here, with the president being forced to resign etc. Well after that things did settle down and the country has remained peaceful since. However yesterday (now 2 months ago- ooops!) there was a general strike and we were all restricted from using transport, even our own car! General elections have been set for the middle of December and at the moment a socialist party looks most likely to get in. This would bring big changes for the country with foreign investment being pushed out and the economy suffering greatly at least for a while.

El Alfarero

Alfarero1.JPGLast time I wrote I described a new feeling of stability in the girls’ home. This has continued (still with day to day struggles and some coming and going of girls.) Sadly Shirley decided to leave, taking her daughter Alison with her, as she wanted to get a job and earn money. However she has not done well and arrived at church on Sunday smelling of glue and very upset. Many of the girls find it hard to live without money in their pockets, despite having everything they need in the home. This is especially so for the older ones who are used to having had more money in the past or those who have worked as prostitutes and have had that income. There are so many changes the girls have to make in day to day living, coming off the streets and into the home and most of these changes cause conflict at times. At present there are 4 girls living in El Alfarero, Heidi, Isabel, Carola and Monica. The home is really looking beautiful now, with very green and lush gardens, so unlike the building site it still was just a year and a half ago. Once again we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have given to the home and other areas of the work.

First Contact Work

A few months ago the landlady of the house we rent in the city for the day projects, medical post and church asked us to leave as she has been getting complaints from the neighbours about the street kids hanging around. Despite looking around we have been unable to find another suitable building in the same area for rent. The landlady is being patient as we ask each month for “just one more month” but it really is a pressing need now. There is a small restaurant (with several rooms and a courtyard out the back) for sale just down the road from the other house and we are praying about the possibility of buying that, but as yet are unsure if that is what we should be doing.

The first contact work is continuing to go well. There are several young mums with babies that come at the moment, some of whom I have known for years, some I also know from them having been in El Alfarero. It is good to see them and have the chance to encourage them in taking better care of their children. Many of them just now are managing to rent a room to live in and so they are not actually staying on the streets with their babies. However the babies are still at great risk from illness and disease and any help we can give them either in the form of advice or actual medical care can be life saving.


As a family, we were planning to go to Mexico this week to attend the Newfrontiers conference “fiesta” (now doesn’t that sound more fun than just a conference!!??) Sadly we were unable to get a visa for Gaby and so that has fallen through for us all, however David is still thinking about leaving to go to Mexico this evening!!!!! Newfrontiers is a world-wide (except for South America!!!) group of churches which one of our “home”, sending churches is part of. We have very close links with various Newfrontiers people, churches or activities and were very happy to have been invited to Mexico to attend fiesta.

The Adjei family and our friends

Jasmine.JPGWe are getting over the disappointment of not being able to go to Mexico and have a beach holiday we had planned on. Jasmine was very tearful when it all fell through and Gaby will be disappointed not to be going on a plane (she asks every other day if she can go on a plane- interspersed with asking to go on a pony!!) However in some ways I am now relieved that we didn’t go. Yesterday morning the husband of one of my best friends was in a bad car accident. He was on his way up to the airport and rolled his Land Rover. The first hospital he went to messed things up a bit and failed to find a large haematoma developing in his head. However at the second hospital a couple of hours later he was operated on and had that removed, then surgery started on trying to reconstruct his very broken face. His name is Rob and his wife is Mary Lea. They have 4 small children from 1-6 years and we see them nearly every day. Please pray for them all. They are from the USA and have been here in Bolivia for several years.

Also one of our friends, Cesar who we work with has just spent the last 3 weeks in hospital with an unknown problem in his head making him very ill. Just yesterday the doctors decided that they now think it is cancer- but at an early stage. Tomorrow he will be moved to a cancer specialist hospital to be properly diagnosed and treated. He has been so ill, for some days unable to eat, drink or speak although he has been a bit better again for the last few days. Please pray for him, his wife Trudy and their 2 small children.

Sorry this letter has been such a long time in coming. It means that now is probably the best time for us to say that we hope you have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! (I can’t see us sending out another letter before then!) Thank you for another year of support and interest in us and in the work here.

With our love,

Sarah, David, Jasmine and Gaby


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